R.I.P. Stallone, know that you were loved

Janine: To the owners of the dog I killed this afternoon.

2 days ago you surrendered your senior dog to a high kill shelter with his hind end paralyzed.

You told the staff that you didn't know what happened to him. And then you left.

I was contacted about your dog, asking to help.

I named your dog Stallone, because I didn't know his real name.

I couldn't pet your dog, because if I tried, he would attempt to bite me. I didn't blame him.

We assumed he had been hit by a car, because of the way his hind legs dangled behind him. We assumed that those bloody wounds were road rash. And we assumed that he could be helped.

However, the x-rays showed that he has been paralyzed for a while now. The sores on his hind legs are from him pulling himself around, because he couldn't walk.

I sat in the hallway today crying and heard your dog’s screams as they tranquilized him - his screams of pure terror.

When I went back in the room, I spoke to your dog through my tears, but my voice isn’t the one he wanted to hear. It was yours.

I wasn't able to help your dog cross the rainbow bridge today, because I couldn't hold him, pet him, or give him kisses. I had to watch him take his last breath with a muzzle on his face.

Because of your dishonesty, I prolonged your dog’s suffering for two days longer than it should have been.

But I want you to know that even though I never really knew your dog, I did love him. I loved him just as much as any other dog I have met. And I want you to know that he is finally at peace.

R.I.P. Stallone. I am so sorry that your suffering was prolonged. Please know you were loved and will never be forgotten.