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R.I.P. Stallone, know that you were loved

Janine: To the owners of the dog I killed this afternoon.

2 days ago you surrendered your senior dog to a high kill shelter with his hind end paralyzed. You told the staff that you didn't know what happened to him. And then you left.

I was contacted about your dog, asking to help. I named your dog Stallone, because I didn't know his real name.

I couldn't pet your dog, because if I tried, he would attempt to bite me. I didn't blame him.

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Welcome to the family, Libby

Janine: We got a call from Corporal Spada at the Pennsylvania State Police yesterday.

It was regarding a situation that sadly happens far too often.

It was regarding a puppy that was very loved and part of a family, however the young couple were in over their heads. They just had a new baby, and sadly, income was very, very tight.

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Welcome to the family Marvel

We were contacted about this boy. A woman spotted him chained in a yard in South Carolina. Thankfully, the ACO showed up and got him out of there the next day after the owner didn't comply with seeking vet care. But, he still wasn't out of trouble until a rescue stepped up to take we did.

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Barbie Update

JANINE: This video may not seem like a big deal, but to us at Speranza, this is a HUGE step for Barbie. We were contacted about her at the beginning of summer by a local person. She was taken out of a horrible situation in York. Once the woman got her home, she realized that she was in over her head. Barbie was VERY reactive with dogs. If she saw one, even from 50 feet away, she would lose it.

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Welcome to the family Rosie and pups

JANINE:We got a call about a dog, she had been roaming of rover 2 years We were told she wasn’t alone, she also had puppies with her.

We visited her for the past week. We tried to gain her trust but she was too scared. She didn't want our help and we knew we would have to outsmart her. After 7 hours, we got her secured but it wasn’t over yet... we still needed to find her pups. We searched and searched until we found them.

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Welcome to the family Jefferson

JANINE: I’m driving back from Morgantown in tears over a dog sleeping peacefully in my back seat.

His whole body is covered in burns, whether grease or chemicals, we will never know. He smells of pus and infection. His right eye is no longer of use. The muscle shows through on his hind leg where the flesh was eaten away.

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Welcome to the family Duncan

JANINE: I received a call this afternoon regarding a pit bull that was left behind when the owners were evicted. Upon arrival, I was greeted at the glass door - greeted with big brown eyes and a wagging tail. He barked loudly, as if begging me to free him from where he was left to live - all alone.

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Welcome to the family Babs

JANINE: Driving back with this gal. She was to be killed at a shelter down south.

She is a 'feral' dog. I think she must be around 2 years old.

She doesn't understand human touch and it shows that she’s never been loved a day in her life.  She cowers when you pet her and looks at you with confusion in her eyes.

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