Why Volunteer?

Volunteering at Speranza is rewarding in many ways. Not only are you helping the dogs and a great cause, but dogs’ gratitude is indescribable. The dogs look forward to their walks with the volunteers, appreciate all the affection the volunteers provide and rely on them to keep the rescue functioning. The dogs at Speranza are waiting for a family of their own, but until they are adopted, the volunteers provide them with all the love and care of a family. 

Role of Volunteers

Speranza is entirely staffed by volunteers; not a single person involved collects a paycheck from the rescue.  The volunteers do everything at the rescue from organizing donations to cleaning kennels and walking dogs.  Volunteers follow a daily systematic schedule in order to get all of the dogs taken care of and all of the chores done.  There are three types of volunteers at Speranza and a description of each is given below:

  1. Dog-walking Volunteers

  2. Cleaning/Organizing Volunteers

We require all volunteers to fill out the Volunteer Application and attend a new volunteer orientation.

How to apply to become a volunteer

  1. Complete the volunteer application

  2. Qualified applicants will be invited to attend an orientation at the rescue to start training

  3. Applicants who do not meet the requirements may be invited to help at events in lieu of regular volunteering.


Dog Walking Volunteers

Dog walking  at Speranza is not glamorous.  It is hard physical work that must be done 365 days per year, regardless of the weather or holidays.  Dog walking volunteers are critical to Speranza’s operation. Our dogs get three walks per day, seven days per week, rain or shine, no exceptions. This regularity is very important for their exercise, rehabilitation and socialization.

Dog walking shifts start at 8:00 AM, noon and 4:30 PM every single day.  A typical shift at the rescue consists of walking various dogs 2 - 5 miles over a 2 - 3 hour span. Some dogs are particularly strong and can pull hard. Maintaining control of these dogs is physical work that each walking volunteer must be prepared for. After the dogs are walked there may be some small chores to be done, as well. Dog-walkers are needed seven days per week at all three shifts, however Monday through Friday at 8:00 AM and noon are the shifts when we are always in need of more volunteers.

Dog Walking Volunteer Requirements 

  • Volunteers must be 18 years or older

  • Volunteers must be physically fit enough to walk 2 - 5 miles while walking dogs that pull

  • Must be able to volunteer at the rescue at least once every two weeks

  • Volunteers must have experience handling large dogs


Cleaning / Organizing Volunteers

Not interested in walking? Not to worry! Running the rescue requires more than exercising and socializing the dogs. We are always in need of volunteers to perform basic cleaning and organization tasks.  With 50 dogs to care for, we wash 50 bowls twice per day, every day. We must stock shelves on a daily basis with fresh bedding and supplies. And, we have a constant flow of donations that must be sorted and organized.

The cleaning/organizing volunteers are needed each day from 10 AM - noon and again from 4:30 - 6:00 PM.  This position will have limited hands-on interaction with the dogs, but provides an absolutely critical function in the sustainability of the rescue.

Cleaning/organizing Volunteer Requirements 

  • Volunteers must be 18 years or older

  • Volunteers must be physically fit enough to stand/walk for two hours and lift 25 pounds.

  • Must be able to volunteer at the rescue at least once every two weeks



As you know, we aren’t just about dogs here at Speranza. We have accumulated quite a collection of farm animals - everything from horses to cows, to goat and pigs, to alpacas, ducks and donkeys! We are in need of a new crew of volunteers to help with the chores associated with these farm animals. We need help feeding, cleaning stalls, helping with vet and farrier appointments and general cleaning up after the animals.

We have two shifts per day - 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM. We have to do the chores during these hours to make it all work around the dog walking schedule. We will train you and get you familiar with how we do things at Speranza before you are signed up to do shifts alone. We will schedule weekly, so you won’t have to commit to the same shift every week.

Farm Chore Volunteer Requirements

  • Volunteers must be 18 years or older

  • Volunteers must have horse handling experience

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